Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (17)
Industrial Park with many factories and enterprises is one of the favorable conditions that creates many opportunities for the economic development of the country, is an environment that creates jobs for thousands of households. However, it is also because of the crowd, many workers and unskilled workers that the security and order situation of the industrial park is quite complicated, requiring a team of security guards. Professional Industrial Park.
With long-term experience in the field of factory-factory protection, well-trained and ethical security team in work, Thang Long 24h  has become a security service provider and security solution. Leading security aims to:
–  Ensure maintaining security and order in combination with patrol force, alarm system and surveillance cameras.
– Protect the safety of factory employees.
– Property protection.
– Perform statistical duties, import and export goods.
– Preventing risks such as occupational accidents, fire and explosion, ….
–  Protection solution for Industrial Park – Factory
Thang Long 24h  applies technological equipment in all security operations, in order to provide customers with a comprehensive protection solution. Our solutions include the following services:
Surveillance camera