Why should you choose Thang Long 24H security service?

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Why should you choose Thang Long 24h security service?
Safety is a keyword that when you search Google, it will get more than a million searches, safety becomes an urgent issue more than ever, especially in the era of competition, development and comes with it. Uncertainties follow.Understood that Thang Long 24H Security Service Company was born to help solve those concerns. From the very beginning, we have introduced as one of the pioneers in the process of building services and providing the most practical benefits to solving this problem as well as effective security solutions for customers. Organizations, companies, factories, factories…
Company Security Service Thang Long 24H was born with the aspirations of the founders, in which the Board of Directors of the oil company has experience, with 20 years of expertise in the field of professional security. operating in the whole territory of Vietnam.
Business license issued by the Department of Planning & Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.
Award trusted by customers- Thang Long 24H Security Service
Who is the prestigious Thang Long 24H security service licensed by?
Certificate of Eligibility for Security and Order issued by the Administrative Management Department on Social Security – PC 64, Ho Chi Minh City Police Department.
With a team of young, dynamic, enthusiastic and vivacious staff, along with experienced staff, adapting to all situations, the operation model of “security service” of each enterprise.
With the development trend of society, the specialization and professionalization of security are indispensable factors to have a perfect service product. Professionalism with distinctive features of security services that we provide to customers through the standards of high-quality security services:
Prestigious security service-baovethanglong24h.com.vn
• Protection of fixed assets (factories, buildings, offices, supermarkets, shops, etc.)
• Security escort, mobile (Protecting important people, events)
• Transport protection, escort (Export money, goods)
• 24/24 hour alarm monitoring center (monitoring 24/24h via remote camera system)
• Quick response force in emergency situations .. ( Mobile team on standby 24/24h )
We are committed to bringing you the best, safest, and most caring security services with a team of professional, friendly and well-trained staff through rigorous testing by the Ministry of Public Security. level only.
We are proud to be voted as one of the most trusted professional security service businesses in the country:
Professional security service-award trusted by customers
1. The first security company in Vietnam Formerly under the 4th General Department of the Ministry of Public Security
2. Insurance:
Civil and Professional Liability Insurance $1,000,000.
Loyalty Insurance $200,000.
3. Our security guards are ready to rotate (when requested by the customer) without fear of any problems in the employment contract.
4. With 24h Thang Long security service, the price is all inclusive: Cost includes uniform,  Support tools, days off, medicine, social welfare, insurance, etc..
5. Protections are replaced and supplemented immediately in case of illness, holidays, funerals, Tet, etc. (no extra cost).
6. Polite, equipped with uniforms according to Decree 52/CP regulations, protecting us will represent the promising face of customers.
7. Independent protection. Compulsory compliance with the customer’s rules. Operating since 1994.
Having a good relationship with local authorities, building emergency vehicles, supporting and strengthening forces when needed. Target commander always updates information on security and safety at the target, advises, report to customers to capture.
Our security guards do not interfere in the internal strict compliance with the operating rules and are immediately replaced at the request of the customer for any reason without being bound by the labor contract.
The bodyguards always determine the night as well as the day 24h/day, 365 days/year and do not incur any other costs for customers. Our 24h Thang Long Security Company has an investigation team, a monitoring team, a quick response team, a command kite team, a mobile team that always monitors and supports 24/24 in all areas where customers while using Security Service of the Company Thang Long 24h.