Binh Duong enterprises struggling to find the best security service?

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (4)
Binh Duong is a province in the Southeast region and the southern key economic region, with a total natural area of 2,695 Km2, a population of 1,691,413 people (in 2011), adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai , Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc … Near Tan Son Nhat international airport (25 Km), Long Thanh international airport in Dong Nai province, Saigon port, Cai Mep – Thi Vai port…
With the number of more than 700 enterprises operating in many fields of business and servicesand more to come in the coming time, the introduction of Binh Duong is one of the places attracting the attention of the whole country with its growth. proud economy of the country
Binh Duong intersection
– FDI attraction reached USD 2 billion 609 million (accounting for over 20% of the whole country).
– Budget revenue (2012) reached 24 trillion VND, budget expenditure 9,500 billion.
– Investment in the whole society reached 45 trillion dong, of which FDI capital accounted for 38.8%, domestic investment capital accounted for 40.9%, investment capital from the state accounted for 20.3%.
– Industrial production value accounts for 17% of export value, accounting for 26.7% of the southern key economic region.
– The rate of trained workers reaches 64%, of which vocational training reaches 44%.
– The urbanization rate reached 65.1%. The population growth rate was 7.31% in 2011.
Some industrial zones in Binh Duong
Because of the good policy, calling for good investment, many companies have registered to do business here. This development led to a new need arose.
Professional security service was born.
Protect the company against possible events, protect against loss of assets, protect against strikes without reason…
This is also the long-standing concern of businesses in the area, they cannot use workers for those jobs, they simply do not have enough skills and qualifications to undertake.
And if there is supply, there must be demand, stemming from inevitable demand, a series of companies operating in the field of prestigious security services were born to meet that, but not everyone is the best. a short period of activity also died prematurely. Most of the people of this company only lose their reputation for the immediate benefit, leading to serious consequences and consequences affecting other reputation protection companies in the market.
What is the best security service?
Security companies that lack vision are not interested in delivering value. Because giving and receiving is the same as giving action and receiving results. If you give sustainable value, prestige, and credibility, then it will be easy to do anything in the future. And just for the immediate benefit will not last long.
Binh Duong enterprises call for investment
Thang Long 24H and the best and most prestigious service definition in Binh Duong
As one of the companies under the 4th General Department of the Ministry of Public Security, operating in the field of security services since very early in 1994. The voice of Thang Long 24H is the voice of politics, a sure guarantee. Certainly not every company has it. The strict discipline of the leadership and all employees in the company is a reference system to look at and adjust accordingly to improve, develop more every day and also to respond to growing needs of the society.
More than that Thang Long 24H
Civil and professional liability insurance up to  1,000,000 USD
Loyalty Insurance 200,000 USD
Employees of Thang Long 24H are ready to rotate when required without any obstacles in the contract.
The service Thang Long 24H provides is all-inclusive: Support tools, holidays, medicine, social welfare, insurance … so customers can rest assured that there are no additional fees incurred like other companies.
Committed to complying with the requirements of customers, always ready to cooperate, accompany and develop with your company.
We are always in the mood to cooperate with your company, providing you with the most reasonable solutions to accompany and develop in the present and future.
Please contact with us for sustainable development together.