Security profession – The heart is not understood by everyone

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (11)
The heart of a security guard
Until now, the protection profession  has always been prejudiced by the society that this is an inferior profession. Only those who cannot find a job or have no education are selected. Therefore, they are treated arbitrarily or despised and insulted at work. Many elderly security guards once shared that: “This is a profession that is not respected by everyone, we are talked to by people of the same age as our children and grandchildren with rude and inappropriate words because they are simply not allowed. I’m a guard.” Perhaps this prejudice is the biggest mental barrier for a security guard.
The center is dedicated to the security profession
But, different from what many people thought before, today’s security guards not only have unemployed or poorly educated people but also a lot of students who are currently studying. Those students decided to work as a security guard with the main purpose of training themselves, practicing perseverance and perseverance, along with training for their own health… Therefore, this environment is becoming more and more important. become diverse.
Currently, most security companies recruit people with sufficient qualifications and health, they will give priority to people with good moral character, with high responsibility at work. Moreover, in order to meet the professional requirements, each of them must undergo rigorous training courses to become full-time employees and be sent to reputable companies to work.
Is security a stable job?
Security is a profession that has to deal with potential dangers. If you ask if this job is hard, the answer is of course yes. However, the level of danger will vary depending on where they work. For example, working at small stores, security guards will be less hard because their main task is to look after and drive customers’ cars, ensure security and order for the store when something happens. go out. As for a place like a gold shop, it will be much more difficult because this is a place where theft is easy and there are dangerous criminals that are always lurking. If security guards can’t stand high pressure at work, they may change their goals or even resign.
Protection helps you have a stable income
However, the security profession is always considered a relatively stable salary profession. Many security companies understand the difficulties and hardships that their employees face, so there are always a lot of incentives if employees intend to stick around for a long time and complete the assigned work well. So, there will be difficulties, but you will all be rewarded if you do a good job.
Should you do security for security service companies or not?
The following are the reasons that you should work in reputable and quality security service companies:
Companies that provide professional security services all have specific working procedures that help improve service quality and ensure maximum safety for customers. Therefore, the security guards here can feel secure and fully dedicated to their assigned tasks.
Security guards will be professionally trained from professional to in-depth in this environment. That is an important step to help them successfully complete their assigned tasks and gain the trust of customers.
Prestigious and professional security service companies all sign clear contracts, protecting the interests of employees. Besides, the salary is always stable and comes with many other benefits.
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