Businesses are having trouble with fire protection

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (9)
Hello. Are you looking for a reputable and responsible protection service to work together to protect  your business to success?
Affirm the quality of Thang Long brand 24h.
Thang Long 24h has been and was established by an experienced founder in the field of security protection and fire prevention in enterprises. protecting businesses, supermarkets, office buildings, protecting the weak.
The process of operating Thang Long 24h has and developed into one of the leading enterprises in terms of professionalism with a team of mostly policemen and demobilized soldiers, so their discipline is very high, their quality is very high. Soldiers are always the factor and motivation for them to complete the mission. Over twenty years of operation in the field of professional security services, we have solved many cases of collusion, theft of business assets, arresting many thieves and transferring them to the authorities. locally handled and recognized with many certificates of merit by local authorities at all levels.
Good price
With a staff of young and dynamic, enthusiastic in work  Thang Long 24h has cooperated and winged with many domestic and foreign enterprises with the implementation motto of “ behind your back the responsibility is ours” . but the price is always reasonable in accordance with the economic of the business. Responsibility to compensate 100% of defective property caused by security guards.
To achieve the results like today, the 24-hour Thang Long security company has also gone through many difficulties. Especially the strong gangster element wants to take over and claim the right to ‘protect the force’, thereby creating a lot of pressure for ‘security guards’ on duty. But with the dedication of always taking the Law as a guideline for all actions and being an expert in the field of Security Thang Long 24h has neutralized and rendered helpless many objects to bring peace to specific businesses. There are many businesses that send thank you letters and many rewards to individual security guards.
With the current situation and development trend of today’s society in general and the professionalism of security services  in particular. For some unprofessional “security companies” have and opened many branches and representative offices in order to hide in the shadow of mass recruitment without quality personnel, causing disrepute for the security industry. Competing on prices, lowering prices too low compared to regulations on salary and social insurance, thereby causing distrust and not ensuring asset safety for businesses. There are even security companies when recruiting employees who do not have records but only have fake identity cards, only the real picture is blurred.
Stemming from the above factor, we are very careful in the recruitment process and we have also discovered many fake documents, besides, Thang Long 24h company always stores the fingerprints of each security guard in order to look up in case of theft occurring at the business. Security guards are well trained by the curriculum of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. After the 24-hour training course, Thang Long security guards all have security certificates and certificates of using supporting tools according to ND96/NDCP/2016.
With the motto that customer’s property safety comes first, Thang Long 24h security company has and protects the safety of businesses that have been cooperating with Thang Long 24h with absolute safety.
Thang long company 24h always and looks forward to receiving customer’s evaluation on service quality and control process of people and assets at enterprises so that Thang Long 24h can draw experience to improve further on step by step. business development path.