Money escort protection

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (11)
Moreover, Thang Long 24H security company Money escort service is a type of security service that transports valuable goods and cash for Companies, Trade Centers … so protection requires professionalism. very high service, to meet this request from the customer. Our 24H Thang Long Security Service Co., Ltd. has researched and trained many of our different skills, in order to meet the strict requirements of our customers, and bring confidence when making decisions. security services of our company. We have signed a Contract of “Money Transfer Insurance” with Insurance Companies, so all risks in transporting your cash are insured. With many years of experience in transferring money for our companies in cooperation with large shopping centers, customers can rest assured about our money escort service.
Security forces apply professional skills to offer solutions for the process of delivering and transporting goods to ensure absolute safety at the request of customers.
The duty of the security guard, escorting money and valuable goods, must ensure absolute safety for the goods from delivery to the transportation process, not allowing criminals to infringe or damage the loss.
Professional requirements:
– When performing the Security service escorting money and valuable goods  there must be camouflage and diversion schemes to distract the attention of the target. Closely monitor the delivery and delivery steps until handing over. complete the money, escorted goods to the Customer.
– Commanding officer Security service escorting money, valuable goods based on the customer’s request, make a plan to protect the transportation process.
– The commander to protect the shipment must know the schedule of the host unit: how many people are involved, name and position of each person.
– What is the means of use? What’s the driver’s name? The route from where to where? Departure time and end time of escort trip.
– Determine the properties of escorted protection goods, value, volume, shape, durability, quantity…
– Determine the importance of the shipment, the purpose of the specific requirements, the person suitable for the job, skills, ethical qualities, etc.
– Planning to scout locations of goods gathering, routes that vehicles have to go through.
– Choose an appropriate seat on the vehicle to observe both the front and rear as well as the sides of the vehicle.
– The loading and unloading of money, valuable goods must be supervised by the Owner and Security staff, together with supervision at the place of loading and unloading.
– All information about vehicle number, amount of money, goods, travel plan, time, number of participants and number of Guards must be kept strictly confidential.
– Watch out for the onslaught of criminals on the way. Pay special attention to unusual features that occur when the vehicle starts to move.
– When completing the task, the Security Guard must record the situation in the diary, ask for the signature of the Management leader.
– Incidents and solutions
– Vehicles must go on the right route without changing the route. If there is a change of driver, please consult the Security Officer and the Office Staff.
– When the light is red, traffic congestion, damaged vehicle … Security guards must carefully observe around the vehicle area, detect other suspicious phenomena, often must tell the driver and accompanying people to be alert and support coordination.
– If a bad situation occurs on the road, being beaten and robbed of money or goods. Security guards must identify costumes, characteristics, driving directions, license plates, vehicle types of criminals, immediately notify the police and the Management Board by phone.