Protecting a moving target

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (10)
Accompanying personal protection at work, residence and in communication and moving activities.
The main protection contents are: life, health (not originating from disease) and personal property accompanying the person of the protected person.
– Escort: Ensuring security and safety for individuals or a group of people moving from one fixed place to another within a defined time.
– Protection in transit: Protect assets, goods and money in transit.
The main protection content is: the security and safety of property, goods and money on the way.
Note: “Main protection content” is understood as the basic requirements of each type of service. However, it is not only limited to that range, because in fact, the needs of customers are much more diverse that we have to meet.
(Money, gold, precious metals, artwork)
1. Purpose:
LLBV applies expertise to offer solutions for the process of shift delivery and transportation of goods to ensure absolute safety at the request of customers.
2. Requirements:
– Absolutely protect the safety of goods from delivery to transportation, do not allow criminals to infringe or damage or lose.
– The transportation process must ensure to keep the original design and seal the lead clamp during transportation.
– Keep secret not to disclose the name of goods, quantity, departure time, time that goods arrive.
– Professional requirements:
+ In the process of protecting the transport, there must be camouflage plans, diversionary diversions to distract the attention of the object.
+ Closely monitor the delivery steps until handover.
1. Preparation:
– The officer in charge will base on the customer’s requirements and the Company’s ability to meet the facilities to determine a plan to protect the transportation process.
– Conduct work with passengers to ask them for what goods? What is the quantity and value?
– Transport route, transportation location, delivery time, cargo gathering.
– Conduct the selection of officers and employees with sufficient qualities and capabilities to meet the requirements of the task. In addition, other factors must be considered such as vehicle selection, equipment, and supporting tools for the transportation process.
– Planning to scout locations of goods gathering, routes that vehicles have to go through.
2. Transport by special-use cars:
– When loading goods on vehicles or unloading goods at the delivery place, it is necessary to have supervision or a person authorized by that goods owner.
– Responsibility: responsible for transporting, protecting the safety of goods.
– Not responsible for good, bad, fake goods.
– How to do: prepare to be transported by special vehicles:
– During the time of loading and unloading, the goods owner must be present to supervise.
– When the goods are finished, they will be sealed and clamped under the witness of the goods owner.
– When the goods arrive at the place of delivery, the goods owner must sign for certification or a record of unsealing the goods and when the goods are delivered, ask the goods owner to sign to confirm that the goods have been received in full.
Make sure not to let the following situations happen:
– Owners complain about loss of goods because they are not there when the goods arrive.
– Owners complain about goods being exchanged or exchanged, especially for valuable items such as precious metals, money, art works, etc.
– In the process of loading and unloading, there must be a security guard from afar and at the unloading locations, ready to rescue and solve any incident.
– For weekly and monthly transportation contracts, always pay attention to the incidents that occurred in the previous shipping times to draw experience for the next time.
– Record doubts, strange phenomena appearing at delivery and receipt locations, on the way of transportation, … If you see that the number of times coincides many times, immediately report it to the commander and coordinate with the forces. other to verify and clarify.
– In case the moving cargo vehicle suddenly stops, the security guard is responsible for handling as follows:
* Do not leave where the vehicle stops.
* Report to the commander and relevant departments knowing the location and time of stopping the vehicle.
* Increase vigilance, observe the scene around the vehicle. Do not allow outsiders or other objects to access the vehicle (whether curious or intentional, with bad intentions).
* Verify clearly what is the cause of the vehicle stopping problem? For example, the vehicle suddenly broke down an obstacle, …… to report to the commander and related departments and ask for the next direction.
– On the transportation route to the intersection, the traffic control signal lights are arranged, the train line runs through the security guard asking the driver to calculate the speed of the vehicle so as not to stop on the road. shipping way.
– In the event of an unexpected traffic jam, the security guard must pay attention to observe the flow of people, detect suspicious objects who want to approach the target, pay attention to the objects of theft or gathering. at intersections to take precautions. At the same time, notify the commander of the time, place, and reason