School Security Service

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (30)
To protect our children from harm, school security personnel are needed. School security is a top concern and our School Security Service is here to help.
Our commitment to creating the safest environment has earned Thang Long 24H Security Services an excellent reputation. When it comes to security in schools, the security and protection staff of  Thang Long 24H Security Service Company are always the best employees.
Schools in Vietnam use our services to:
Prevention and management of school violence
Reduced risk and safety responsibility
Improve relationships among the school community on school safety issues
Our services can be used to ensure that no rate of violence threatens to disrupt the school environment. We ensure that school liability and security risks are minimized and school safety issues are raised on a daily basis.
Please  contact  directly with   Thang Long 24H Security Service Company for specific advice and quotes about School Security Services, looking forward to cooperating and serving!