Remote Security Monitoring Service

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (10)
Along with the strong development of technology over the years, Thang Long 24H Security Service Company has been a pioneer in applying technology to the field of  security services. By deploying a remote surveillance camera system, an anti-intrusion warning device along with a team of experienced technicians, Thang Long 24H Security Service Company has helped conquer the most demanding customers.
Customers can use the remote security monitoring service of  Thang Long 24H Security Service Company at a very reasonable cost, the targets are monitored 24/24 through the camera system and the alarm system. anti-intrusion alarm, patrolled by mobile officers with various types of vehicles. All security and safety incidents will be detected and handled quickly, promptly and effectively.
Which customers can use remote security monitoring services?
Monitoring security of banks, gold shops;
Private home security monitoring;
School security monitoring;
Supervision of apartment security;
Hotel security monitoring;
Hospital security monitoring;
Factory, industrial park….
Remote security monitoring service not only has the role of anti-intrusion, detecting security and safety incidents, but also helps to prevent fire and explosion, assist the elderly and weak, and effectively monitor children. .
Customers please   contact directly   Thang Long 24H Security Service Company for specific advice on this service, looking forward to cooperation and service!