Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (17)

The service of protecting the weak, also known as “Bodyguard”, is a type of high-class protection that is thriving in many countries around the world.
Personal protection services are performed by elite, professional, brave and responsible employees who have received full trust from customers who need to be protected with the best service quality.
Thang Long 24h Professional Security Service Company has been performing hundreds of VIP protection sessions, protecting actors, singers, players, football coaches and many other important figures. Which customers need private bodyguard services?
▪ Singer, star, movie actor;
▪ Mid-level officials, entrepreneurs, business leaders;
▪ Delegations of foreign tourists and foreign visitors to Vietnam to work;
▪ Cases of civil and economic disputes, lawsuits, divorce, etc. are threatened;
▪ Along with some other cases…
Methods for Thang Long 24h to provide human protection services include:
▪ Customers need to provide full information about the protected person.
▪ The client should honestly provide a reason for protection.
▪ Customers need to provide travel routes, places to go, to come.
▪ Thang Long Security Service Co., Ltd 24h will plan to protect and provide transportation (car) if customers need it. Agree on service costs and other contents before performing the task.
Always ensure absolute safety for the health and life of customers, creating a sense of peace of mind from where you live, work and in all different circumstances.
If you have a request for security services for key people (bodyguards), please contact Thang Long 24h Professional Security Service company directly for detailed advice and quotation, looking forward to cooperation. and serve!