With over 15 years of experience in protecting many major cultural, sporting and musical events across the country. Thang Long Security Service Co., Ltd 24h always receives encouragement and satisfaction from many customers after each event because of the efficiency, professionalism and discipline of the security guards.
Some typical events are protected by Thang Long 24h such as:
▪ Heineken Beer Festival 2010
▪ Vietnam Entrepreneurs Festival 2010
▪ Protect the path of the lily flower
▪ Events of Prudential Vietnam in 2016
▪ Along with many other events…
Event security protection requires the supplier to have a large number of personnel, ready to respond to customers at any time. To prepare for major events, Thang Long 24h prepares detailed protection plans, organizes command and logistics work carefully for each specific event in order to provide security services, protect the The best event for customers The steps to use the event security service of Thang Long 24h include:
▪ Customers provide full information about the event, time, location, number of participants…etc..
▪ Thang Long 24h will survey, plan to implement and quote service prices for customers.
▪ Agree on the contents, sign the Contract and implement.
Please contact Thang Long 24h directly for specific advice on professional event security services, looking forward to cooperating and serving!