Event protection

Bao Ve Thang Long Binh Duong (14)
Security services events: Today’s social situation is quite complicated about cases of robbery, public disturbances, pickpockets, pocket slits at exhibitions, fairs, … In order to suppress criminals violations, restore order at exhibitions, fairs, and major events.
Thang Long 24H Security Company, always meets the needs of protecting large events, ensuring security and order for exhibitions, outdoor music concerts … bringing peace to customers. , limit the risks of property damage, ensure the safety of the lives of its employees and customers who come to visit and entertain. Let us shoulder the burden with you, we will ensure the best security for you.
Event security services of Thang Long 24 Security Company are as follows:
Mission Description:
For the event is a music night
+ Directly protect the safety of singers, musicians, guests and stands where expensive equipment is stored.
+ Arrange technical and professional means at necessary places and positions, check people and vehicles in and out according to assigned tasks.
+ Detect and promptly handle criminal acts and other bad behaviors that affect the night.
+ Organize a quick mobile response force to deal with incidents when necessary
For other events:
Thang Long 24h Security Service Company will have specific and detailed plans to meet the situations and developments at the time of the event.